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DIY Investment Clubs was created to help you have more meaningful bonds with your social circle as you build wealth by starting an investment club so you can live the life of your dreams now and later.

You know financial education is important and you want to get started with the right action but sometimes the lesson of financial freedom hard to find. 

We’re here to help!

With our financial education platform, you and your success friends can quickly start an investment club and start building wealth by investing in the stock market.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick, done-for-you service where you hand over your money but learn nothing. 

We offer online training, live virtual coaching and fun in-person workshops to teach an easy to implement, high impact investing strategy that works for busy high achievers like you ready to fund their now and later life goals.

You’ll get together for a three-hour brunch with your alumni association, sorority, fraternity or singles group why not make it profitable.

No more bitchin’ about what you don’t have and how you can’t get it sign-up for our mailing list below and get the conversation started.

DIY Investment Clubs is founded by Dafina Lovelace, click here to read her bio.


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Stalk us via @investDIY on social media or better yet check out our manifesto where you can really get inside our head and hear how we can help you and your success friends get your f&!K it money!




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