23 Uncomfortable Things Stopping You From Investing


Let’s be honest.

Your values, assumptions, beliefs, and experiences (V.A.B.E.S as my Darden professor termed them) affect what you think about yourself and your abilities. 

If I asked you to name the year a major stock market downturns, depressions or recessions last occurred you could probably name at least one year if not two.

But in those years where the stock market ran up like a bull, did you take advantage of low prices turning into high growth?

Is fear stopping you from investing?

Let’s be honest, fear is an emotion that is meant to protect but not stagnate us.  Fears can take over your capacity to manage your money and investments successfully unless you confront them head-on.

Fear is healthy in the sense that if your gut is telling you something is scary, there may be a good reason for that fear.

When you can reason through the fear – in this case, your investment fear – you stand to experience healthy increases in your stock accounts and the highly sought after but ever elusive financial freedom.

No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, the cost of your degree, or how big your bank account, If you’ve never made a financial investment in your life you may be stuck in one, or many of these thinking patterns.

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1. You don’t know who to turn to and feel like you are all alone in the idea that investing is possible for you.

2. You have no exposure to investing and therefore lack know-how, interest and the language of investing.

3. Doing something different feels uncomfortable.

4. You are trying to break the mold of bad wealth habits and fear the road less traveled.

5. You’ve been taught to be independent and not ask for help.

6. You fear intangible assets.

7. You’re scared of the math involved with investing.

8. You think investing is only for “(insert popular stereotype here)“.

9. You think investing is hard.

10. You have no idea what to invest in.

11. You think you need a financial advisor to start investing.

12. You are the ATM. Your income is not just responsible for your well-being but for that of your family members as well.

13. You make the most money of anyone you know, but have little disposable income due to bailing out others (See #13 above).

14. You’ve tied feeling good to spending money on crap.

15. You don’t understand how to diversify.

16. You think owning a house is the only way to invest your money.

17. You’re scared of the taxman and worried that Biggie Smalls was right and more money equals more problems.

18. You think you need thousands of dollars to start investing.

19. You haven’t seen others create wealth through investing so you are not sure you can either.

20. You hear stories of people that lost a lot of money in the stock market, and this is the only time they talk to you about money.

21. You don’t want to do the work.

22. You think your 401k, 403b, or company-sponsored retirement plan is enough.

23. Your relationship with money is only focused on income and spending.

Learn how to invest and start our own investment club: Get this free Investing Made Simple video course.

Learning how to invest doesn’t have to be tough or painful.

You don’t have to start investing in a lot of companies or with a lot of money. 

In fact, many investors start investing small amounts of money consistently.

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