Start Your Investment Club

DIY Investment Clubs helps you start an investment club that keeps you connected

no matter your physical location, and develop stronger bonds as you build wealth through investing.

Why Start an Investment Club?

Learn Together – The learning process can be overwhelming when you do it alone, learning to invest with your family and friends can quicken the transition from learning to taking action. Also benefit from doing hands-on research, but also from the research and perspectives that others bring to the table.

Build Wealth – Creating an investment club is a great way to begin to build generational wealth and exchange knowledge so each generation is starting from zero all over again.

Pool Your Resources – With small amounts of money saved & invested regularly you and your tribe can eliminate the worry of ‘how will we afford to  ____ ?’.

Exchange Your Time For Assets – Bruch is great, but we all need to build wealth outside of our 9-to-5 employment, you can only get rich by exchanging your time & money for assets!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Meeting Checklist — Everyone hates disorganized meetings, right?! Make sure your meeting is focused, fruitful, and efficient. Your full meeting checklist at your fingertips. The before, during and after your first meeting steps all spelled out for you!
  • Emails template — Your initial invite email and several follow emails are included. No need to wonder what to say in your invite, simply copy and paste and send it to your success circle.
  • Ice Breaker Questions — Taking about finances and money isn’t always easy or fun, these ice-breaker questions will ensure that your first meeting gets everyone’s creative juices flowing and ready to bond & build.
  • Scorecard — Makes meetings fun beyond just showing up, paying dues, and investing.  Everyone’s contribution is measured and scored to ensure full participation.

PLUS…. the knowledge that you’re on the right path to building wealth and so much more!

Bond & Build

Empower Your Network, Increase Your Net Worth.




DIY Investment Clubs is happy to provide you with the script, emails, and templates you need to start your investment club today!

Got it! Now go check your email for your free download!